About The Company

Produced by Show Hamptons, LLC, this event presents the next generation in Hamptons essential luxury. ArtHamptons, now in its 9th year, has inspired and ignited a creative visual arts renaissance in the Hamptons, attracting 14,000+ art enthusiasts and collectors. From 2006 to 2010, our sister company produced the Hamptons Home & Garden Show, which brought practical home improvement solutions and resources to thousands of Hamptons homeowners.

Now Hamptons Contemporary goes beyond the art on the walls and remodeling to define and explore the new standard in luxury living. The Founder and Executive Director of Hamptons Contemporary, Rick Friedman, now refocuses his attention on how design and form meet function in the home to improve lifestyle and comfort.

Hamptons Contemporary

Founder, Rick Friedman

rickMr. Friedman has over 30 years experience in producing live events around the world. He has produced and staged many of the premier cultural events on the Hamptons over the past 12 years. His focus is on creating a memorable and lucrative show experience for all participants and effectively maximizing audience turnout.

Mr. Friedman is a serial and seasoned entrepreneur. During the 1990’s, he pioneered advanced software technology through his computer-oriented magazines, journals, conferences, books and trade shows. SIGS Publications became one of INC Magazines’ fastest growing businesses in America during that era, with offices in 5 countries. After selling that business, he focused on pioneering digital video in 2001 to 2005, producing The Digital Video Show, which was attended by tens of thousands in LA, NYC and Chicago. He ultimately acquired LA’s venerable ShowBiz Expo, from Variety magazine, the largest production/post conference/trade show for filmmakers in the world (18,000 filmmakers and 250 exhibitors).

A colorful entrepreneur, Mr Friedman has also been involved in other entertaining ventures in the late 1970s to 1980s. He pioneered the sport of volleyball, which culminated in gaining the production rights to the USA Volleyball Team, (men and women’s programs) playing at Madison Square Garden and a major nation tour (Volleyball Across America). During the late seventies, as member of the marketing team of both Studio 54 and Regine’s, he also created, produced and was MC of a series of disco dance contests that served as the foundation of the popular syndicated TV show, Dance Fever.

Mr. Friedman, is a philanthropist, an avid collector of Abstract Expressionist Art, fine designed objects as well as baseball HOF memorabilia. He is a past member of both the YPO and WPO. He resides in Southampton.