Request for Additional Information in 2018

All exhibitors at Hamptons Contemporary 2018 will be reviewed and approved by a Selection Committee.

Exhibitors must present products or services that are in line with the fair’s affluent market and define Hamptons’ essential luxury. Show management will curate and arrange the fair to present a top-tier echelon of exhibitors from various products and service categories as outlined on the website.

Once you fill out this contact form, our team of sales specialists will be in touch to discuss rates and options with you!

Please complete the following quick online request. You will be promptly contacted by HC show management. We will also discuss the possible design and presentation of the planned booth display.

Details on participation and information on booth rental fees are included in the application email.

If and when accepted to participate, applications must be completed and returned along with deposit and supporting materials (visuals of work to be presented for website and promotional purposes).

Only companies accepted by show management can participate in Hamptons Contemporary.